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Description of Services

Creation and Basic Design

For a basic fee of $300, I will create for you a relatively simple web site (like this one) of up to three pages. It would include digital graphics and text that you will provide, as well as graphics that I may find, create, or modify as appropriate to make the site attractive. Additional web pages will incur additional charges. If you or I should discover a web ring(s) that you wish to participate in, that link(s) will be installed. Links to any other sites you designate will be established. Of course, you will have complete approval of the site design.

Advanced Design

If you want a site with more sophisticated graphics and layout, an award-winning graphic designer is available. She has extensive experience in all aspects of marketing design and graphic communication, both on and off the internet, and is currently advising several small businesses on the graphic design aspects of their sites. This service can be added and the web pages changed as a result at any time during the course of our formal association.

For more sophisticated programming, such as online ordering/purchasing or interactive web pages, there will be extra charges. Such programming can also be added at any time during our association.

Hosting and Updates

Your web site will be hosted on my virtual server. The basic hosting fee includes updates of your web site as frequently as monthly with text and graphics provided by you. More frequent updates will incur additional charges. For basic hosting, the url (universal resource locator, or Internet address) for your site will be If you want your own domain name, e.g.,, charges are higher. A counter that provides site (visitor) statistics for you is included at the basic hosting level as well.


If you cannot provide graphics in digital format, scanning charges will be necessary.

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